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We, Your News Book are a group of people working together to provide news and information to our users. Our intense is just to make people aware about the topic or subject and provide them right information.
Here is the list of authors with their simple introduction.

Mohak Kansagara

A man which works a lot to make things happen not leaving the things on luck. A visionary ,self learner and a source of positive vibrations which leads to a good successful life. A motivator, who is dam intelligent, highly adventurous and got quick learning abilities as a god’s gift. The man who loves nature and considers the nature as his mother. The good knowledge about stuffs and awesome writing skills dragged me to the blogging.


Raj Savani

"A dream is  not a thing that u comes during sleep its something that wakes up  in the night ".

Simple living and high thinking are the motives of my life. Basically I am a inspired from the some of the great personalities of Indian culture. I believe in doing the things perfect. Slightly religious, highly technical and man with extra ordinary characteristics. Awesome knowledge about engineering and it sectors helped me to make out my way in blogging

raj savani

Raj Savani

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