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WhatsApp Tricks and tips : Latest Update April 2014

 Whats app is an free chatting software working on most of smartphones. It supports operating system like android ,IOS, black berry OS,windows phone operating system,Symbian operating systems (s40 ,s60,belle,Anna) .

The service was initially an free service till an year,then after they decided to make it any payable app after using it for one year under free service.It can be called an promotional offer.(IOS was an exception, they charged 0.99$ for download and the users need not to pay further to renew the service)

WhatsApp is directly attached to your Sim number , you don't require and email id for that. You  just need to download the software from your smartphone,enter your number into it and then to verify it, its done .Your whats app is ready to use.

Enjoy chatting with your friends for no extra cost, it just require an data plan and your smartphone with an smart operating system.

You can send images ,videos,music,voice clips etc through it and you can even share your contacts and links through it.

WhatsApp also provides you group chatting facility, u can add up to 50 friends into a group.

In WhatsApp you can contact anyone saved in your phonebook. You just need to search for their number from your phone in the application and send them anything u like i.e. a text,voice clip,image etc.

Until now WhatsApp was available  with texts only in the chatting feature ,But last weak WhatsApp updated its GUI and introduced a new feature  of voice chatting. It was the project of Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp.Jan Koum worked  on this project with several engineers  for 6 months and succeeded.

For this new feature for qwerty and simple keypad phones you just need to hold the center key  and speak what ever u want to send but for  touch screen phones u have to press  down the record key available on the  bottom right side of the screen.

Firstly we chat introduced  this feature of voice chatting to give a tough competition but after providing this feature WhatsApp stood as an showstopper.

Following  are the links available for the download of whats app for different operating systems .Click on the operating system u use
Before some time there were rumors of WhatsApp changing its icon to blue colour ,but it was not the official version . This link was available to download a application same as Whats app but it was name as WhatsApp+ and it icon turned to blue. This was the link when went viral,   . WhatsApp + was supported only  on android devices.

Exclusive for readers of yournewsbook

Make your WhatsApp free till 2022!!

Here is the trick for making WhatsApp free :

Follow the steps,
  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your device. 
  • Don’t forget to backup your chat. 
  • Convince your friend to register WhatsApp with your number on his/ her iPhone. 
  • Now, you’ll get WhatsApp verification code on your phone through SMS. Enter the received verification code on your friend’s iPhone.
  •  You’ll see that WhatsApp will be running on your friends iPhone with your WhatsApp ID. 
  • Now it’s time to delete WhatsApp from your friends iPhone.
  •  Install and register fresh copy of WhatsApp on your device. After the registration is complete, have a look at your account info.
  •  Your subscription is extended up to 2022. Enjoy the free subscription.

Really this cant be called an WhatsApp bug or a lag in designing WhatsApp, neither  it can be called an bug or crack of Whats app. Its just an cute simple trick.

Hope this trick works with you too.

Enjoy chatting with friends and make some fun.

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