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Nvidia shield :

     Graphics major nvidia is a hardware company that focuses on designing and supplying the chips and chipsets to go inside other company’s gadgets and apparatus. But with the release of nvidia Shield, it became a gadget manufacturer itself, and now it looks as though the company isn’t stopping at just one new product 
line it tends to release tegra tab 7 in short time.

nvidia shield
nvidia shield
     Nvidia shield is expected to be a best android gamer ever and would be an extreme gaming device.It compromises of Nvidia tegra 4 processor with, Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset, which is comprised of a 1.9GHz CPU and 72-core GeForce GPU and apparently provides six times the power of the Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip.

     Its dimension are 135*158*57 (length*width*thickness). It weights around 579g.Screen size is around 1280*720 pixel LCD and 5 inches. And has connectivity like WI-FI, Bluetooth and HSMI port. It got Integrated Speakers for audio. It’s powered by 2 GB ram and many motion sensors.
Initially it had some problems with it audio but is fixed up now. Its bit Expensive, it costs around $299. But Bit big in size compared to other gaming consoles. It got many switches to control increase the gaming experience. It got additional software compatibility like Google play and tegra zone. The android released some of the games specially designed for shield.

Nvidia tegra tab 7:

     Although Nvidia has said in the past it has no intention of releasing its own tablet, there’s many evidence they are going to do just that with a tablet called the Tegra Tab–a name they have already trademarked for USA.

     Images have started appearing of the Tegra Tab, which looks it  to be a 7-inch device outfitted with a textured back very similar to the Nexus 7, a 5MP  rear camera, HDMI and USB ports, and a SIM card slot. As you’d expect, an Nvidia branded tablet will include a Tegra 4 chip, and there is  presence  of a SIM card slot , there will also likely be a model of tegra tab using the 4G LTE-enabled Tegra 4i chip.
Wishing luck to the nvidia for its new products.


     Ball  launched a new flash drive for the smart phones and the computers.This drive name is Hybrid Dual Pendrive.

     It comes with both typeof the usb port , one side USB 2.0 and another side is Micro-B (microUSB).It means that the both of the  connectivity facility is  in only one device so it's called a hybrid pen drive.
It will give the facility to users to connect it with  PCs and devices.It`s mean no need to  keep usb cables for storage.

     It eridactes the problem of connecting  cables  and card readers while trasfering your important data from the memory card to the cpu and adding to it it gives u more speed than the cables or 

Approx. Price for 8GB is Rs 599 and the 16GB is Rs 799. It can be brought form here .Click on  BUY!


spelling corrector
Spelling Corrector
Do you make errors while writing with your hand, technology can help you!
Have you ever faced a smart pen?? What do you think your pen can do expect writing ??
Are you poor at your spellings?? do you have a bad or messy handwriting??
Recently technology introduced us a smart pen. A pen which can correct your spelling error.

     The pen is named as lernstift . The pen is  a regular pen with real ink, but it contains a special motion sensor inside ,which can sense even the smallest motion. Its includes a small battery powered Linux computer with a Wi-Fi chip.The checking of error is done with co-ordination of internet which is available through Wi-Fi chip.

     This parts works on to recognize your hand movements,letter shapes, formation, and  it knows a wide assortments due to memory attached to it.If it senses bad letter formation or messy handwriting or a spell mistake, it vibrates.It allows the user to choose between two of the given  functions.

Calligraphy Mode- pointing out turns and formation  of words.
Orthography Mode - recognizing words and comparing the word to a language database may be any language available on the internet.

Wish u a good and error free handwriting!

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