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INSCRIBE 2013 - Technical paper presentation Contest by Bosch India


     Bosch is a company generally manufacturing automotive parts with home appliances and many other products.Initially the company stated its work with automobile parts and become a pioneer in it then it moved to many other sectors and achieved good progress.Actually Bosch is a company which welcomes innovations so to celebrate the spirit of Innovation, Bosch India is organizing a technical paper presentation contest -Inscribe on Friday, 27th September 2013. The company was glad to invite engineering students from 31 different college's to participate in this event, which will provide them opportunities to showcase their knowledge, thinking process and innovative ideas. Winning teams will be rewarded with attractive prizes and internship opportunities with the company. they added that they also have special rewards for the faculty guides of winning teams. Firstly the students need to make the synopsis of their paper in word file and wait for the reply from the company to get selected and further selected students need to make an document max 5 to 6 pages in iccct double column format The below list is of the some of the important rules regarding the competition:

Criteria Of Eligibility: 

3rd year engineering students (2011-2015) branch does not matters. Team of 3 students helped by a faculty member Each team can submit single idea only Method for Submission of Synopsis: Send it to the email id by Friday, 12th July 2013 11:59 PM Synopsis to be named “Topic and then Sub-topic in the next line” Guidelines for Synopsis submission: 1 A4 Page, 12 pts Times New Roman, maximum 400 words, Word Document Header to contain: Topic and Sub Topic Footer to contain: Team members names along with guiding faculty & Institute Name Any querries contact them at

After the completion of submission of synopsis the company will get back to u if your synopsis is selected in the round and then if your synopsis gets selected the next step is to prepare a scientific research paper in IEEE format following all the rules and regulation. The procedure is same for the next round submit your paper to the company and wait for their reply. Then get ready with your presentation of your innovative idea and move to Bangalore for your final presentations if you are lucky enough for getting selected in the grand finale. The organizers provided a PowerPoint tempelate which was specially designed by the company along with the reimbursement form for the expenses. The company tends to provide free air tickets both to-and-fro tickets also along with taxi fares and accommodation charges. Total 15 papers were selected from the India, 2 from Gujarat and 1 from Pune and all others belonged to southern Indian side all of them were invited for final presentation on their idea at Bangalore on 25 & 26th of September. The organizers firstly arranged a special plant visit on 25TH for all the participants. 26th was the day for which the heart of the participants were beating and getting high, the final day of their presentation. 

The ceremony stated with an introduction of the schedule and then they divided students for their presentations .They had 3 teams in each of the areas the best teams in the country in their subtopics. The results were announced after a pleasant dinner and a demo from the company employees on their developments and products in the automobile industry. They selected one team from each area and led them to their business plan presentation. The company had a warm approach to the students. After an hour the students were ready with their business plan presentations and they easily explained their ideas in front of the panels of hr of the company. Many guest and important persons were invite to the closing ceremony .They glittered the young mind with their inspiring speeches. There were exiting gifts like ipad mini, Samsung tab 3 and Sony digi cams .The other participants were appreciated with gift hampers from the company. This was all about the journey for Bosch inscribe 2013.

Best of luck for next year inscribe 2014..!!

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